SightLine Applications Command, Control, and Script API  v3.4
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SLAVersionNumber_t Struct Reference


Reports software and hardware version numbers.

typedef struct {
u8 swMajor;
u8 swMinor;
u8 hwVersion;
u8 degreesF;
u24 hwID;
u32 appBits;
u8 boardType;
u8 swRelease;
u16 otherVersion;
u32 svnRevision;
u32 buildDate;
u32 buildTime;
u16 swBuild;
u16 v4AppBits;

The Version Number packet is automatically sent after the first three frames of acquisition on Serial Port 0.
Sent in response to SLAGetVersionNumber_t() or SLAGetParameters_t().
TIP: Use the Version Number(0x40) packet as a mechanism to know the system is ready to receive commands.

Application Bits

Bits specified in the license file control which features are enabled on SLA hardware.

Bit Value Name Description Requires
- 0x00000000 None Base system - Analog or HDMI(3000) output, analog and digital SD input, network and serial communications, pass-through communications, graphics overlays -
0 0x00000001 720 Output 720 resolution high definition (HD) output Changed 3.0 -
1 0x00000002 Stabilization Image based video stabilization and frame to frame Registration -
2 0x00000004 IP Encoding Video compression and IP encoding (h.264, mpeg4, mjpeg, mpeg2-ts, rtp, rtsp) -
3 0x00000008 Detection - Baseline Baseline Detection - Vehicle moving target designation, Staring small target detection, Color anomaly detection, Radiometric detection, Blob detection, Drone detection, Gas enhancement Stabilization(Registration)
4 0x00000010 Tracking User designated tracking of objects (full featured) Stabilization+Full Telemetry or Track Only Telemetry
5 0x00000020 Detection - Advanced Advanced Detection - Aerial small target detection, Maritime detection, Drone detection with classification Stabilization(Registration), Detection - Baseline
6 0x00000040 Full Telemetry Telemetry output for gimbal control (registration, stabilization, tracking, detection) Stabilization(Registration)
7 0x00000080 Enhancement Image Enhancement (CLAHE, LAP, denoise, sharpen) Changed 3.0 -
8 0x00000100 Blending Dual image blending (3000/4000) Changed 3.0 Dual
9 0x00000200 720 Input 720 resolution high definition (HD) output Changed 3.0 -
10 0x00000400 Recording / Snapshot Recording of video and snapshot of still images Recording: IP Encoding, Snapshot: None
11 0x00000800 KLV KLV metadata encoding into MPEG2-TS H.264 network video stream, VBI (KLV in analog blanking interval) metadata IP Encoding
12 0x00001000 Focus Telemetry Auto Focus measurement, lens control and telemetry output -
13 0x00002000 Precision Landing Video Based precision Landing and telemetry output -
14 0x00004000 Dual Dual camera simultaneous processing (3000/4000) New 3.0 -
15 0x00008000 Track Only Telemetry Tracking Only telemetry output (results from 1 track, no frame registration results). Not available with IP Encoding, stabilization, recording, etc - SD input and analog output only Tracking
16 0x00010000 H265 Encoding H.265 IP video encoding New 3.0 IP Encoding
17 0x00020000 High Bit Depth High bit depth video capture and temperature telemetry output New 3.0 -
18 0x00040000 NUC/DPR Non-uniformity correction (NUC), Dead pixel removal (DPR). New 3.0 High Bit Depth
19 0x00080000 1080 Output 1080 resolution output (Not available on 1500) New 3.0 720 Output
20 0x00100000 1080 Input 1080 resolution input (Not available on 1500) New 3.0 720 Input
21 0x00200000 4K Output 4K resolution output (4000 only) New 3.0 1080 Output, 720 Output
22 0x00400000 4K Input 4K resolution input (4000 only) New 3.0 1080 Input, 720 Input
23 0x00800000 Enhancement Advanced Advanced image enhancement. De-Noise Mask removes image noise and scintillation without blurring out moving objects New 3.1 Enhancement
24 0x01000000 Custom Classifier Run a custom classifier on detection or track results (Not available on 1500) New 3.2 Detection - Baseline or Tracking
28 0x10000000 Gas Detect Detection for gas leaks New 3.3 Stabilization(Registration)
30 0x40000000 Demo Mode Demo Mode with no license. In demo mode other bits may be set. -
31 0x80000000 Demo Mode Demo Mode with a valid license file. In demo mode other bits may be set. -

NOTE: The following changes to application bits were made between version 4 (2.25 and earlier) and version 7 (3.0 and later) of the SightLine license file:

NOTE: 1500 and 3000 systems with Version 4 (2.25 and earlier firmware) license files are translated into current application bits when loaded.

Demo Mode

Demo Mode allows users to try out most featuers on any SightLine system. Use SLASetSystemValue_t to enter demo mode. Restart system to leave demo mode.
The following features are limited in demo mode:

  1. There will be a SightLine Demo Mode overlay on all video output
  2. No telemetry output will be sent
  3. Capture snapshots are not allowed
  4. Saving parameters is not allowed
  5. KLV metadata is not embedded in network video streams
  6. Detect Snap Shot is not allowed

Hardware Type

Description ID
2000-OEM 0
1500-OEM 7
3000-OEM Rev B 12
3000-OEM Rev C 14
4000-OEM 18

Message ID 0x40

Byte Offset Name Description
4swMajorSoftware major version number
5swMinorSoftware minor version number
6hwVersionSecond FPGA version number (4000 MIPI)
7degreesFTemperature in degrees F
8-10hwIDHardware UID
11-14appBitsApplication bits (app bits).
15boardTypeHardware type
16swReleaseSoftware revision (release number)
17-18otherVersionFPGA and hardware versions
Bits Description
0-7 FPGA Version (1500/4000 only) New 3.2
8-15 Hardware Revision (3000/4000 only) New 3.2
19-22svnRevisionSVN revision number
23-26buildDateBuild date.
Bits Description
0-7 Day of the month
8-15 Month of the year
16-31 Year the build was made
27-30buildTimeBuild time.
Bits Description
0-7 Seconds
8-15 Minutes
16-31 Hour value
31-32swBuildBuild number
33-34v4AppBitsVersion 4 Application Bits (pre 3.0 systems)