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Software Release 3.4.6 is Ready for Download

By January 14, 2022November 16th, 2023No Comments

SightLine Applications recently announced a minor software release.  Our engineering team issues minor software releases throughout the year.  Software Release 3.4.6 provides several camera improvements along with other improvements.   

There are over 80 cameras that SightLine has tested for camera compatibility with our hardware and software.  When we work closely with customers on integration, additions to camera support can be made.  In this software release, the following was added:

  • New camera support for FLIR Tau (using FPC interface boards) and for miniature FPV analog cameras for all SightLine hardware. 
  • New camera support added for 800×600 HDMI inputs, DRS Tenum 640, and Sierra Olympic Ventus 275 digital video for SightLine’s 3000 and 4000 hardware. 

 Improvements and fixes were made for a variety of software features and subsystems. Some of the improvements include: 

  • Classification function processor-load has been improved.  
  • On our 4000, general improvements to fonts and texts were made to improve onscreen displays. 
  • RTSP server now supports a configuration file option for settings such as URL aliases for network streams, network parameters, etc. 
  • Additional customization of EXIF header fields.  

To better the usage of some software features, attention was given to fix warnings and messages.  If a user does not specify a display ID on PanelPlus with the 3000 and 4000, the EthernetDisplayParameters message is no longer rejected.  Warnings and clarifications that denoise mask is not compatible with a split processing configuration, were added to improve the user experience of the enhancement feature for SightLine’s 3000.   

These are just a few of the highlights of SightLine’s software release 3.4.6.  Click here to download the software release 3.4.6 or read the full release notes online.  Customers help define SightLine’s software roadmap by providing feedback and working closely with our engineering team.  Work is currently being done on the next big items for the 3.5 software release.