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Software Release 3.4

By October 8, 2021November 16th, 2023No Comments

SightLine Applications recently announced its second major software release of 2021.  Software Release 3.4 has major improvements, fixes, and additions to all of SightLine’s software features. Overall, the majority of benefits from this release help ease the integration process and reduce operator strain.

Integration with cameras and SightLine can be a complex process.  SightLine engineers tested numerous customer requested cameras for compatibility.  For this major release our engineers evaluated and verified five new cameras compatible with SightLine software and hardware. The addition of these cameras to SightLine’s list of compatible cameras, grows the list to over 80.  These are the newly added cameras:  FLIR Neutrino LC, Basler USB3-Vision GS, Raptor Photonics Owl 640T, MIPI VC296 Mono, Infiray UVC.

Dead pixels appearing in a video can make it tough for users to have a full understanding of the scene they are viewing. The 3.4 release finishes a significant set of updates started in 3.3. Users of SightLine’s dead pixel removal / on-uniformity correction (DPR/NUC) software feature now can show how many pixels are declared dead on a per-parameter basis. New C/C++ example code has been added for NUC and DPR table processing. Significant improvements to support example code and LUA scripts include the following: functionality updates, enhanced scripting read/writability, NUC table management, camera initialization, lens control, more scripts in installer, and documentation updates. Specific to the 3000, the pixel coloring of dead pixels has been debugged. On the 4000, processing sped up to now support DPR/NUC at 1080p60.

Noteworthy improvements were made to video enhancement functionality. These enhancement upgrades improve the visual appearance of the video to reduce noise like fog, smoke and atmosphere for greater situational awareness.  Primary video digital zoom-rate now works smoothly when using picture in picture (PiP).

These are a few of the highlights of SightLine’s software release 3.4.  Click here to download the software release 3.4 or read the full release notes online.  Customers help define SightLine’s software roadmap by providing feedback and working closely with our engineering team.  Work has already begun on the next big items for the 3.5 software release.