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Software Releases in Summer of 2022

By August 31, 2022December 27th, 2023No Comments

This summer SightLine had two software releases, 3.5.2 and 3.5.3. Our software engineers worked on significant improvements and additions to our software features.

“We’re adding functionality to our AI Classifier, which classifies detections based on a training model we’ve updated to recognize humans and vehicles in addition to types of UAVs. We’re also providing more I/O flexibility so that users can – for instance – integrate multiple USB cameras and have them added to the list of many cameras we’re already compatible with.” said our Director of Business Development, Mark Zanmiller. “We’re also adding more enhancement functions, which will enable more color to be brought out when operating in foggy conditions.”

Detecting and tracking objects from a camera mounted on a building or on a ground vehicle is often at a low slant angle. SightLine has made significant improvements to its low slant angle detection modes, invaluable for PTZ applications. Staring mode maintains detections through camera motion. Check out our latest video showcasing these features.

Our AI classifier training model has expanded beyond drones to now include people and vehicle classification. Improvements were also made to our drone classifier. You can see these improvements in this AI Classifier video. Flexibility has been added that allows customers to customize our classifier to meet their specific use cases.

Lens capability has been extended for SightLine’s lens control to work with a wider range of lens manufacturers. New, improved example code assists with customer integration of complex detector + lens assemblies. Improved lens control and autofocus latency is easier to implement. Existing script support is maintained.

To aid in low light (dawn, dusk, or overcast), fog or shade, our enhancement functions have been enriched. We added color enhancement for EO video, ideal for foggy/low light scenarios.

To see the full release notes and download our new software, go to our downloads page. Keep up to date with our software releases by subscribing to our technical newsletter.