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Join us for UAV Industry Virtual Meet-up

By March 15, 2021November 16th, 2023No Comments

Join us for our first ever UAV Industry Virtual Meet-up! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 6 and Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Our virtual meet-up features live webinars covering a range of topics from many top UAV component manufacturers. Sign-up is free.  Some of the webinars ask for registration.  


On Wednesday, April 7th at 12PM EDT/9AM PDT, SightLine’s webinar on AI Classification will be live. SightLine will present our AI Classification functionality. Learn more about how SightLine’s architecture of doing detection prior to classification is important for optimized system performance.  We will also discuss our SWaP advantages and other edge processing functions critical to ISR applications.

Here is who is presenting and their webinar topic.  Find the full schedule details on the MicroPilot’s meet-up page.  Come to any that interest you.

  • Volz:  How to Certify with an Actuator with Volz
  • ePropelled:  Understanding the role of Starter Generators and Intelligent Power Systems in UAVs 
  • Tallysman: GNSS Antenna Considerations for UAVs
  • Sagetech: Situational Awareness: What to Know for Achieving BVLOS Flight
  • Overwatch Imaging: How AI is Transforming Maritime Search
  • Mobilicom: Cyber Security for Drones / Robotics and Unmanned Platforms
  • MicroPilot: Introduction to Functional Hazard Assessments (FHA)
  • MANNARINO: UAV Certification / Overview of Aerospace Standards for First-time Applicants
  • SightLine Applications:  AI Classification / Visual Object Detection and Classification in ISR Systems
  • Sierra-Olympic: Game-Changing Thermal Cameras for UAV Integration

                       Easy to Join

UAV Manufacturers Industry Meetup1) Mark your calendar for the day and time of the webinars you’d like to attend. 

2) From the Schedule Chart, register for the webinars you’d like to attend.  Note, some events will be live on the day of their webinar without needing to register. 

3) On the day, click on the webinar link and join in. 

Besides being able to ask questions during the webinars, you can click to send an email directly to each company. The platforms being used include: Zoom, MSTeams and GoToMeetings.  Check that you are able to join using those platforms prior to the start of the meetup.

We hope to see you there.